Nach den Durchsuchungen haben wir viele, grossartige, solidarische, liebe, kritische Reaktionen bekommen. Networking is great. und: Solidarität ist auch die Zärtlichkeit zwischen den ‘Netzen’ ;) Darum hier eine Reaktion von unseren italienischen FreundInnen: Every G8 meeting starts and finishes with repression acts. It’s an exact ritual, with clearly outlined formulas and liturgies. It’s a very popular ceremonial, everyone wants to participate – from media to police forces. Next month the G8 summit will take place in Germany. Sure as death, Wednesday, 9th May 2007, at 8 a.m. 800 policemen led by the German Federal Criminal agency (BKA) carried out a wide searching action in several cities, including, a major German independent provider with a project very similar to our and your A/I.

Of course, everything was made legal through a fitting decree approved by the German parliament and establishing the crime of terrorist association aiming at subverting G8 summits. What a big effort, considering that the terms “terrorist” and “subversion” already conjure up a collective spectre with a certain emotional impact. They could have simply shown some stock footage, pronouncing the word “terrorist” for a set number of times while talking about the current enquiries; they could have exposed the ID photo of some hardly photogenic person hit by the search at the evening news. They didn’t need so much more to justify their actions. The pre-G8 ritual, to be sure, requires some sacrificial lambs, in order to create the right tension setting, for the most hated summit in the planet.

It’s not much, but we’d like to give the guys at a hug. We understand well what it means, in these paranoid, fearful years, to face someone entering your home by smashing your door before they ring the bell.

Resist, friends.